Emerging Products & Services Committee

The Emerging Products and Services Committee (EPSC) shall, at the direction of and to the degree specified by the President, participate in the development of emerging products and services and related policies, for the IEEE Computer Society.

The EPSC may be called on by the President to coordinate the development of new products, services, or policies that involve multiple boards, or that does not have a home within an existing board. The EPSC may, at the request of the President: initiate and receive proposals for emerging or existing products, services, and related policies that extend the offerings of the Computer Society beyond its existing products and services; evaluate new technologies for products or services, especially those that may be used by more than one board; oversee the definition and operation of projects and activities necessary to test the feasibility of proposals; and make recommendations to the President, regarding ultimate disposition of such proposals and projects.

The EPSC shall be chaired by the EPSC chair and shall consist of the chair of the STC Governance Committee and three to five members appointed by the EPSC chair with the consent of the Executive Committee. The President of the Society may appoint up to two voting members. Appropriate staff members shall serve as ex officio nonvoting members of the EPSC.

2014 Emerging Products & Services

Paul R. Croll, Chair


Alfredo Benso
Hakan Erdogmus
Andre Ivanov
Christian Timmerer

Chairs of EPSC Project Committees

Martin Arlitt (Chair of Special Technical Communities STC)
Teresa Dahlberg (STC - Broadening Participation in Computing)
Christine Miyachi (STC - Cloud Computing)
Arnold Pears  (STC Education)
Carlos E. Jimenez (STC eGov)
Antonio Frisoli  (STC Haptics)
Hironori Kasahara   (STC Multicore)
Roberto Gioiosa (STC Operating Systems)
David Cartes (STC Smartgrid)
Christian Timmerer (STC Social Networking)
Anirban Mahanti (STC Sustainable Computing)
Dick Fairley (STC Systems Engineering)
Thad Starner (STC Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies)

Staff Support to EPSC and Project Committees

Ted Rozolis
Kimberly Francia*
Ray Kahn*