Planning Committee

The Planning Committee continuously attempts to identify potential new activities of interest to the Society, modify existing activities, and initiate, promote, and develop plans for such activities in conjunction with the appropriate committees.

The president-elect chairs the Planning Committee and appoints its members. 

Planning Handbook
(password protected)


Planning Schedule

Role 2014 Planning
 Chair  Thomas M. Conte
 Past Chair  Dejan S. Milojicic
EAB  Phillip A. Laplante
Staff  Angela R. Burgess
Treasurer  Chuck Walrad
1st VP/MGA  Elizabeth L. Burd
2nd VP/SAB  James W. Moore
Secretary  David S. Ebert
PAB  Donald F. Shafer
T&C  Cecilia Metra
Past CS President  David Alan Grier


Updated Dec. 2013