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Digital Signature and IP Steganography for Securing Hardware Accelerators

15 Janury 2020–2:00 pm ET

Cyril Onwubiko

Director, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cyber Security Research Series Limited

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Cyber security underpins a nation’s economic wellbeing by providing an enabling environment that allows high value-bearing business transactions and welfare services to be conducted in a safe and secure manner. Through cyber security essential citizens services ranging from benefits, social welfare and healthcare services, online banking, to critical national infrastructures (CNI), such as water, gas and electricity are protected. It is therefore inconceivable to imagine how modern society could operate in the digital world without cybersecurity.

Unfortunately, no matter how diligent our endeavours are at protecting critical national and essential business services, they may still be susceptible to certain types of cyber threats, and the fact that cyber incidents cannot be totally unavoidable makes cyber recovery and resilience invaluable. With this realisation, we have developed a cyber recovery operational framework to help industry, academia, and government in their cyber resilience journey, providing them the guardrails to succeed in their investment.

In this talk, we will explain our cyber recovery operational framework. Further, we will discuss the various use cases for the framework and describe how it can be applied to support an organisation’s cyber strategy, academic research, and governmental recovery capability roadmap.

The framework is available here https://cyberframework.c-mric.com ‘free for public use and open source’. It is currently in public preview, and also in use by some stakeholders.





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