Distinguished Lecturer Webinar Series

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Upcoming Webinars:

Digital Signature and IP Steganography for Securing Hardware Accelerators

5 November 2020–11:00 am ET

Anirban Sengupta

Associate Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T) Indore

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Reusable Intellectual Property (IP) cores from signal processing and multimedia form an integral part of Consumer Electronics (CE) systems. However, owing to the value it represents, it needs protection against important threats such as piracy and illegal claim of ownership. This talk presents a novel multi-level encoding and encrypted-hash based digital signature for protection of complex reusable IP core used in CE Systems. This talk also discusses a key-driven hash-chaining based hardware steganography for securing such IP cores used in CE systems. The proposed approach is capable of implanting secret invisible stego-marks in design using a hash-chaining process that incorporates switches, strong large stego-keys, multiple encoding algorithms and hash blocks. The methodology proposed provides strong security against IP cloning and counterfeiting while incurring nominal design overhead.



The impact of Emergence, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Chaos Theory on Engineering

19 November 2020–11:00 am ET

Chuck Easttom

Consultant, Chuck Easttom Consulting

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This talk first provides an overview of nonlinear dynamics and emergence, as well as their relationship to engineering. Then methods for mathematically analyzing and modeling both nonlinear dynamics and emergence are covered. The basic mathematics beginning with Lorenz equations and Lyapunov exponents, and moving on to current advances in modeling and predicting emergences are presented. Finally, the relationship of these topics to engineering, particularly failure analysis, is covered. Attendees will gain a general understanding of the current state of research coupled with insight into recent trends.



Future Webinars:

Writing for Professional Publications and Using them Effectively
3 December 2020 (11 am ET)
David Alan Grier

An Operational Recovery Framework for Cyber Resilience
15 January 2020 (2 pm ET)
Cyril Onwubiko

Webinar topics, schedule, and speakers are subject to change.

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