Diversity and Inclusion
IEEE Computer Society's statement on Diversity & Inclusion.

The IEEE Computer Society Condemns Racism and Discrimination

The IEEE Computer Society is, and remains, strongly committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion and we see no place for hatred and discrimination in our communities. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are central to the goals of the Computer Society and all of our activities. We are proactively supporting diversity and inclusion with the creation of a new taskforce this year that will address ways the Computer Society can improve its mission to better serve those most under-represented in our community. However, we know there is more we can do to support these ideals of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We are ready to listen. Please send your suggestions to inclusion@computer.org and your comments will be shared with Computer Society leadership and the Computer Society Diversity & Inclusion Task Force.

Computer Society’s Vision

Our vision and commitment guides who we serve and what we do as an organization. Read more on our efforts.

How Do I Get In Contact?
Please send your feedback to inclusion@computer.org