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Computer Outlook Queue Computing for Autonomy: Latency, Power, Resilience Queue Queue Queue Technology Predictions Safety, Security, and Reliability of Autonomous Vehicle Software Formal Methods Applied to Cyber-Physical Systems Explainable AI and Machine Learning Queue End-to-End System-Level Development and Deployment of Artificial Intelligence

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ComputingEdge Embedded Systems,
Automation, and Mobile Computing
AR and VR, Internet of Things,
Blockchain, and Edge Computing
Data Engineering,
Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing
Security and Privacy, Machine Learning, Software, and
Autonomous Vehicles
Computer Vision,
Human Augmentation, and Robotics
Cloud Computing,
Edge Computing,
Security and Privacy, and
High-Performance Computing
Machine Learning,
Robotics, and
Data and Storage,
Computer Vision,
Internet of Things, and
Mobile Computing
Quantum Computing,
Autonomous Vehicles, Hardware, and
High-Performance Computing,
Artificial Intelligence,
Ethics, and
Big Data,
AR and VR, and
Computer Vision,
Pattern Recognition,
Quantum Computing, and
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing Queue Computing Capitalisms Part 2 TBA Logic
Computing in Science & Engineering

Track CFPs

COVID-19, Part 2 Jupyter in Computational Science Large-Scale Science on NSF’s Frontera System Scientific Computing with Python on GPUs and Parallel Systems Performance Portability for Advanced Architectures DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Research Showcase
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Climate Change Queue Issue Geometric Modeling and Processing Real VR Powering Visualization with Deep Learning Visualization Education and Teaching Visualization Literacy
IEEE Intelligent Systems Learning Complex Couplings and Interactions Argumentation-Based Reasoning TBA TBA TBA TBA
IEEE Internet Computing Cyber Social Health AI-Powered 5G Services Autonomous Vehicles Digital Twins Cognitive Web Services for Machine Learning and Data Analytics Sociotechnical Perspectives on AI Ethics and Accountability
IT Professional Queue ICT in Education Queue Blockchain Innovations for Healthcare Queue Software Correctness
IEEE Micro Hot Interconnects Hot Chips Top Picks FPGAs in Computing Quantum Computing


Commercial Products 2021

In-Memory Computing

AI, Edge, and IoT for Smart Agriculture

IEEE MultiMedia TBA Multi-Modal Affective Computing of Large-Scale Multimedia Data TBA TBA
IEEE Pervasive Computing Pervasive Manufacturing: Making Anything, Anywhere Pervasive Video and Audio Computational Materials The Future of Work: COVID-19 and Beyond
IEEE Software Serverless Applications Engineering The Diversity Crisis in Software Development Queue Automatic Program Repair Sustaining Software Engineering Knowledge Transfer 10 Years of Technical Debt: Research and Practice
IEEE Security & Privacy Smart Cities: Requirements for Security, Privacy, and Trust in Internet of Things (IoT) TBA TBA ACSAC TBA TBA

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