Computer Society Organizational Memberships/IEEE Society Representatives

Computer Society Sister Societies

Computing Sciences Accreditation Board

  • Pearl Wang,  CSAB  President and Executive Committee Member 
  • Allen Parrish, CSAB Treasurer and Representative Director
  • Mary Jane Whilshire-Fairley, Representative Director
  • Mark J. Sebern, Representative Director
  • Bruce McMillin, Alternate Representative Director
  • Andy Borchers, Alternate Representative Director 


Computing Research Association

  • Tom Conte
  • David Ebert
  • Andy Chen
  • Rich Hilliard
  • Andy Chen
  • Rich Hilliard
  • Kim Boyer
  • Anil Jain
  • Larry O'Gorman
  • Ramin Zabid


  • Annette D. Reilly


  • Eric Hibbard

  • Eric Hibbard

  • Annette D. Reilly

IEEE Society/Council/Representatives

IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation

  • Cecilia Metra

IEEE Life Sciences Technical Committee

  • Alfredo Benso

IEEE Nanotechnology Council

  • Kunio Uchiyama

IEEE Sensors Council

  • Dennis Frailey

IEEE Superconductivity Council

  • Erik Debenedictis

IEEE Systems Engineering Council

  • Andy Chen
  • Edward Addy 




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