Conferences FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find my assigned meeting planner?

Find your conference on this list and refer to the assigned meeting planner.


Does IEEE Computer Society provide support for contracting and site selection?

We will be happy to work with you to accommodate your preferences for location, facilities, and vendors. However, IEEE will not honor contracts entered into by individuals who are not legally authorized to do so by IEEE. Please contact your assigned meeting planner or email


Where can I find IEEE and IEEE Computer Society logos?

Logos and logo guidelines can be found here: IEEE and IEEE Computer Society.


Where can I access the most recent Technical Meeting Handbook?

You can access the most recent Technical Meeting Handbook here.


Where can I find more information on conference closings?

Please contact your assigned meeting planner or email


Can I submit an application for financial sponsorship three years in advance?

If a conference has previously been approved for CS financial sponsorship and, in prior consecutive instances, has not closed in a deficit, organizers can now submit conference information up to three years in advance. Just submit your information in TMS, and it will be reviewed by the Technical Committee. For more information, contact your meeting planner or email

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