The 2000s & Beyond
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The first decade of the new century saw the launch of several game-changing Apple products: the iPod portable music player, the iPhone smartphone, and finally, by the end of the decade, the iPad tablet.

At the same time, computing power continued to increase. New computing fields such as green computing design emerged, along with smart grids and life sciences. Amid the growing complexity, multidisciplinary research became the norm.

The IEEE Computer Society advanced with the times, launching Computing Now, an online publications portal in 2008, and expanding its offerings of digital magazines and online and multimedia offerings by the end of the decade. The Computer Society also advanced further into education and training with its Certified Software Development Associate and Certified Software Development Professional credentials and the Corporate Affiliate Program, which produces technical training courses and support for employees. In 2009, the Industry Advisory Board was created to give technology executives a greater voice, and IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing launched to provide coverage to a new area of computing.


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