Professional & Educational Activities Board
Learn more about the Professional & Educational Activities Board (PEAB), its mission, committees, and more.

The Professional & Educational Activities Board (PEAB) provides leadership in the Society for activities related to the professional activities of practitioners engaged in disciplines such as computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, information technology,  and information systems.

PEAB is chaired by the Vice President of Professional Activities, Deborah Silver. The full board can be found here.

PEAB is responsible recommending, evaluating, initiating, and nurturing programs, products, and services to serve practitioners and their employers.

The five PEAB committees include.

Enterprise Information Technology Committee

The Enterprise IT Committee of the Professional & Educational Activities Board (PEAB-EIT) has transitioned from the Professional Activities Board of IT (PAB-IT) that was established in 2009 to provide leadership and suggested courses of action for the IEEE Computer Society in the IT domain of computing. This committee was tasked to consider the needs of computing professionals in IT that hadn’t yet been addressed by IEEE Computer Society products and services.

To establish a solid foundation for this work, we took into consideration the broader issue of the “IT Profession”. Our ongoing efforts are aimed at contributing to the growth and maturity of that profession. Read more about the Model of a Profession.

Current activities:

  • Enterprise IT Body of Knowledge
  • SWECOM 2.0, with the Engineering Disciplines committee, is extending the Software Engineering Competency Model to the IT domain
  • Certification in CyberSecurity, is under development, in partnership with International Institute of Business Analysis IIBA
  • liaison with the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO) as a founding member.

If you are interested in participating in this work, please contact the PEAB-EIT chair, Rich Hilliard

Engineering Disciplines Committee

The Engineering Disciplines Committee (PEAB-ED) makes recommendations to the PEAB regarding programs that serve the Computer, Software, and Systems Engineering communities. The PEAB-ED Committee collaborates with and offers support and technical advice to PEAB-EIT and PEAB-AC in areas of common interest. When appropriate, liaison relationships with relevant Technical Councils, Technical Committees, and/or Standards committees are established.

PEAB-ED areas of work include: the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBoK); the Software Engineering Competency Model (SWECOM); and the Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering (BKCASE) Project which is producing the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) and the Graduate Reference Curriculum for Systems Engineering (GRCSE); For further details, and to access the latest versions of these products, visit the PEAB-ED page.

Curriculum and Accreditation Committee

The Curriculum and Accreditation Committee is designed to develop curriculum recommendations in areas of Information Technology and Engineering as well as to support accreditation efforts in these areas. The Curriculum and Accreditation Committee manages the Society’s relationship with CSAB, which is its representative to ABET – an accreditation organization responsible for disciplinary accreditation in these areas for higher education programs.  This activity includes appointing Representative Directors and Alternates, and managing the interface with CSAB on all matters related to information technology disciplinary accreditation.  This committee also works with CSAB to ensure an adequate supply of volunteers to participate in accreditation reviews on behalf of ABET.

This committee also develops partnerships with industry-based training efforts in an effort to bridge the gap between academia and practice, and brings these communities together in ways that impact the quality of baccalaureate information technology-related education.

Professional Education Product Committee

The Professional Education Product Committee (PEAB-PEP) is focused on developing professional education products aligned with customer needs in the community.  Product delivery will be accomplished through utilizing online resources, e-learning courses, distance learning courses, continuing education courses, professional development seminars, and tutorials. This will be accomplished through working with the discipline-specific committees, evaluating existing products (internally or externally), and collaborating with Global Partners.  The PEAB-PEP will provide subject matter experts to offer support and technical advice to the Society staff charged with the production of courses and other educational products, and with other Society entities as requested.

Business Development Committee

The Business Development Committee (PEAB-BD) support Marketing efforts to develop domestic and international strategic relationships with academic institutions, industry leaders, executives at potential and existing clients.  It focuses on improving the organization’s market visibility, position and future financial growth.

The PEAB-BD defines long-term strategic product goals, build key customer relationships, identify business opportunities, develop and maintain knowledge of industries and government agencies.  The PEAB-BD also assist in managing existing client relationships to ensure they stay satisfied and positive. The committee makes technical presentations on solutions and services that meet or predict the future needs of clients.

The members of committee consists of client representatives and global strategic partners of IEEE Computer Society