Conference Sponsorship Options
Learn more about our three sponsorship options: financial, financial cosponsor, and technical cosponsor.

Planning to host a conference, workshop, or symposium in your technical specialty? Consider an IEEE Computer Society sponsorship or cosponsorship.

All forms of sponsorship require endorsement through one or more of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Communities (TCs), which broadly represent the range of technical topic areas.

Three different sponsorship options are available at the Computer Society.

Interested in exhibiting or becoming a Corporate Sponsor? Check out our conference and society sponsorship options.

Financial Sponsorship

When the IEEE Computer Society is the full financial sponsor, it accepts all financial and legal liability and owns all assets. General and finance chairs should complete the application 12 months ahead of the meeting to allow time to obtain Technical Community approvals and endorsements, negotiate and approve contracts, and promote the event.

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Financial Cosponsorship

Financial cosponsorship is where the IEEE Computer Society shares in the financial and legal liabilities and assets with another nonprofit organization or IEEE Society as outlined in an MOU or steering committee charter. The IEEE Computer Society share shall be at least 50 percent for new meetings. Advance loans and surpluses or losses are shared in proportion to the commitment.

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Technical Cosponsorship

Technical Cosponsorship (TCS) is where IEEE Computer Society volunteers and members actively participate in the meeting’s technical program community, but the Computer Society accepts no financial or legal liability for the meeting.

You can use the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society logos to indicate technical sponsorship, and your conference will be listed in the IEEE Computer Society conference calendar, but you may not use ‘IEEE’ in the conference name.

In addition, the conference dates must not overlap IEEE conferences in the same subject area. You will also need a Statement of Benefits from the appropriate Technical Community.

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