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By Larry Alton
As an organization within the healthcare industry, your business faces a number of distinct challenges with data, privacy, and security. In particular, you have to think through what it means to keep your data HIPAA compliant, all while ensuring your processes are efficient and cost-effective. Understanding the HIPAA Security Rule…
By Gilad Maayan
Companies of every size are attacked by cybercriminals everyday. Too many of these attacks end in a successful breach. In the first six months of 2019 alone, it’s estimated that 4.1 billion records were exposed. These breaches can have serious impacts on an organization; from regulatory fines to loss of customer trust and revenue. 
By Gilad Maayan
Any video clip you watch on your smartphone, computer, TV or tablet has a specific type of file format. If you want your videos to perform well on any platform, you must understand how each video format works. For example, a video format for web development will be different from the format you use for your social media. Read on to learn how to choose the right format for you.
By Lori Cameron
We asked leading experts in emerging tech fields to tell us what graduates and job-seekers can expect in the coming years. Here's what they had to say.
By Dr. Jon Peddie
Big investments, little results, major embarrassments By Jon Peddie Intel has tried several times to get into the stand-alone graphics chip market. Its first attempt in 1982 was the cross licensing of the NEC 7220, [1] which became the Intel 82720. Then in 1983, Intel made the iSBX 275 Multibus-based…
By Lori Cameron
As politicians try to solve the problem of affordable healthcare, computer scientists work behind the scenes developing new technologies that promise to revolutionize and streamline healthcare services.
By Lori Cameron
ISM 2019 gives you access to information you can’t find anywhere else, including cutting-edge advances in the presentation, integration, and computation of multimedia.
LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 14 November 2019 – The IEEE Computer Society announces the launch of IEEE Quantum Week 2020, the inaugural IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE). Positioned to be the ground-breaking quantum computing, engineering and technologies event of 2020, IEEE Quantum Week is sponsored by the…
By Lori Cameron
We asked experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, wearables, and wireless tech to tell us what job-seekers can expect in the coming years. Here's what they had to say.
By Thomas Glare
Description: The enthusiasm of bitcoin blockchain has spawned many use cases and the right quantity of information. Now that most blockchains that run cryptos are by default free to every person, we have large sums of details getting created on various blockchains. Introduction It’s a good thing Google Bigquery eases processing of details…
The State of Software Security as Told by The Unicorn Project Date: Monday, November 25, 2019 Time: 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time Duration: 1 hour What happens when a rag tag group of developers and business leaders band together to innovate, survive, and thrive in a time of unprecedented uncertainty…and opportunity? Gene Kim’s…
By Lori Cameron
With the release of a special issue of Computer magazine on digital health, the IEEE Computer Society interviewed Giorgio Quer of Scripps Institute about how digital health is changing the healthcare landscape.
Grab a gift at our booth at the Supercomputing 2019 Conference, or SC19, in Denver during 18-21 November 2019. Bonus: Learn how to win an Amazon Echo Plus! New Members: Get the Rest of 2019 for FREE New & Renewing Members: Get Custom Computer Society Socks & Entry into a Raffle for…
By Gaurav Belani
(Image Credit: Source) Programming languages and computer coding have made life simpler for us. Whether it’s automobiles, banks, home appliances, or hospitals, every aspect of our lives depends on codes. No wonder, coding is one of the core skills required by most well-paying jobs today. Coding skills are especially of…
By Lori Cameron
Software engineers who want the inside track on this fast-moving market can learn from seasoned professionals which areas to pursue. We asked several software engineering experts what types of software tech advances will see the most growth in the next several years.
By Dr. Jon Peddie
The first image processing board set the file format standard we still use AT&T used to be into advanced graphics and image processing and many of the leading concepts that survive and underpin today’s products were created there. Electronic Photography and Imaging Center (EPICenter), co-founded by Carl Calabria, was AT&T’s…
By Dr. Jon Peddie
Longest produced graphics chip ever Dorval Canada-based Matrox is the oldest continuously operating graphics add-in board company in the world — they started in 1979 before IBM introduced the PC. Matrox’s first AIB was the ALT-256 for S-100 bus computers, released in 1978. ATI started seven years later (also in…
By Drew Hendricks
In recent years, the ease of building websites has expanded. Thanks to content management systems (CMS), like WordPress and Joomla, business owners are now the webmasters. The responsibility for website security is now in your hands, yet, many owners do not know how to make their website safe. When customers…
By Varsha Solanki
Do you know how many mobile applications were downloaded by people worldwide last year? 194 billion, according to a report of 2018’s mobile app data. That’s right. If you also have a business or a new mobile app idea, then you must be considering mobile app development. But it is…
By Lori Cameron
The global bioinformatics market—driven primarily by an increased need for integrated medical data, genetics research, protein sequencing, and drug development—is projected to top $18 billion by 2025.
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