5 tips for implementing an effective D&I strategy
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5 tips for implementing an effective D&I strategy


Implementing an effective D&I strategy in your organization is a crucial step to creating a welcoming environment for all of your employees. A 2017 study from the Kapor Center looked at why people voluntarily left jobs in tech and found that 78 percent of employees experienced unfair behavior or treatment at their last job, while 85 percent said they had witnessed or observed unfair behavior.

Nearly 25 percent of underrepresented men and women of color who left their tech jobs said they experienced stereotyping and 30 percent of underrepresented women of color said they were passed over for a promotion. LGBTQ+ employees who left tech companies reported higher rates of bullying (20%) and were more likely to say they experienced “public humiliation or embarrassment” at work (24%). One in 10 women said they experienced some form of sexual harassment at the last tech job they left.

“Avoid thinking of D&I as a set of initiatives only. If you are truly committed to change, this is about a wholesale rewiring of your culture, not just a set of tactics that run in parallel to your business strategy,” says Sabrina Clark, managing principal at SYPartners, a consultancy that specializes in organizational transformation.

Here, transformation experts and IT leaders share tips for effectively fostering diversity and inclusion in a way that ensures it becomes embedded at every level of your organization.